Finance And Administration (F & A)

Finance and Administration Functions

The key include:

  • Facilitation of Financial Services by authorization of Payment Vouchers, Local Service Orders and Local Purchase Orders for the office.
  • Preparation of budget quarterly reports as required by National Treasury.
  • Preparation of any required Reallocations during for Cabinet Affairs Office for Approval by the Accounting Officer and Counter Signature by National Treasury and incorporating them in the Supplementary Estimates.
  • Preparation of responses to Audit queries
  • Monitor Collection of Appropriations in Aid on quarterly basis
  • To ensure settlement of pending bills carried forward from previous years.
  • Conveying Treasury circulars on guidelines for preparation of programme Budget and MPER in Liaison with the Policy Analysis Unit
  • Preparation of Sub Sector reports for Cabinet Affairs Office for National Treasury in the MTEF;
  • Preparation of Public Administration and International Relations Sector  as required by National Treasury;
  • Conveying Treasury Circular on guidelines for preparation of Supplementary Estimates as and when required;
  • Preparation of Annual Budget presentation for Cabinet Affairs Office and presentation to Parliamentary Departmental Committee on Administration and National Security;
  • Handling of General complaints and Petitions from the Public;
  • Coordination of Principal Secretaries and Heads of Department meetings;
  • Coordination, facilitation and convening meetings of the Departmental Procurement Advisory Committee and the Departmental Human Resource Management Advisory Committee (DHRMAC);
  • Management and maintenance of an efficient and effective Records Management System;
  • Facilitation and Coordination of Transport matters;
  • Maintenance of Records/Register on Fleet of Motor Vehicles;
  • Coordination of Surcharge and Misuse of GOK and Parastatal Motor Vehicles in conjunction with the Government Vehicles Check Unit (GVCU);
  • Coordination of the activities Of Aids Control Unit (ACU);
  • Maintenance of Work Environmentand facilitating members of Staff with a conducive work environment terms of office space, furniture and provision of the necessary work tools;
  • Facilitation of Staff Welfare matters such as Team Building and Bonding Sessions and offering emotional support during illness and bereavement.

Projects to be undertaken in 2018/19

  • Sensitizing of staff on classification and security of Government documents.
  • Replacement of motor vehicles which are beyond economic repair.
  • Replacement of worn out and obsolete equipment with new modern ones.
  • Office renovation.