Human Resource Management And Development


The division is charged with the responsibility of looking into the welfare of the members of staff (salaries, terms and conditions of service, advancement, scheme of services, disciplinary control etc). It is also handles establishments of the Cabinet Affairs Office with an aim of maintaining an updated record of the in- post, vacancies as well as variances and preparation of budget for personal emoluments.

Core functions

  • Coordinating implementation of policies and appropriate strategies and providing technical advice for effective Human Resource Management and Development in Cabinet Affairs Office;
  • Advising on establishment of appropriate frameworks in the Cabinet Affairs Office for the discharge of Human Resource Management and Development functions delegated by the Public Service Commission to the Authorized Officer;
  • Preparation and implementation of Human Resource Management and Development plans and strategies to support implementation of Cabinet; Strategic Plan;
  • On the basis of annual workload and job analysis, prepare annual recruitment plans and liaise with Treasury to ensure adequate funding for vacant posts;
  • Initiating development and review of Career Progression Guidelines for the cadres of staff employed in the Cabinet;
  • Facilitating and coordinating the Performance Management System and linking it with the Cabinet’s performance objectives;
  • Undertaking research to enhance professionalism in Human Resource Management and Development practices in the Cabinet;
  • Managing Human Resource Information System (HRIS) in the Cabinet; and ensure linkage with the Government Human Resource Information System and the Public Service Commission Information System;
  • Preparation of the Cabinets annual personnel emoluments budget and ensure effective and efficient payroll management;
  • Conducting annual Human Resource Audit and prepare a report including on the implementation and impact of the Human Resource Management and Development policies and strategies and submit to Public Service Commission and Directorate of Public Service Management; and
  • Preparing an annual report to the Public Service Commission on the extent to which Values and Principles in Articles 10 and 232 have been complied with in the discharge of the Human Resource Management and Development functions delegated by the Public Service Commission.

Programmes to be undertaken in 2018/19 FY 

  • To sensitize Cabinet Affairs Office staff on the Human Resource Function more so, on the recently launched HR documents;
  • Development of the Scheme of Service for staff in the Performance Contracting department;
  • Training Officers on “Preparation for Retirement”.