ICT Unit in the Cabinet Office is the implementation and operational focal point for ICT Strategy with the major role of ensuring effective computerization of the Office services through the implementation of appropriate projects in line with the overall national strategy and based on ICT master plan. The ICT Unit is responsible for relevant ICT project implementation, user training and technical support services in line with the mandate of the Cabinet Office. All projects implemented in the Cabinet Office shall follow the agreed government standards for development, maintenance and integration of systems within the GoK ICT strategic framework.


Based on the ICTA, the specific duties and responsibilities of ICT unit include the following, to:-

  • Coordinate the development and procurement of cost-effective and efficient ICT infrastructure, equipment and services,
  • Manage the implementation of ICT projects,
  • Appreciate, disseminate and implement the e-Government strategy.
  • Develop ICT strategic, work and project plans for the Cabinet Office.
  • Develop and implement the Cabinet Affairs ICT policy.
  • Implement ICT projects based on the National e-Government strategy, the ICT maturity level of the Office, and in accordance with the published standards relating to the management of ICT projects in GoK.
  • Provide technical and operational support for systems and infrastructure including networks, websites, email systems, databases and applications
  • Design and implement Cabinet Office’s ICT capacity building initiatives.
  • Identify ways in which the Cabinet Office can more effectively and efficiently deliver services to the citizens using ICT and propose appropriate interventions,
  • Monitor, coordinate and advise on issues pertaining to electronic business, telecommunications and technology,
  • Participate in the development, analysis and evaluation of Government wide technology issues, policies and legislations.