The mandate of Cabinet Affairs Office is derived from the executive powers vested in the President by the Constitution of Kenya. The principal mandate is the organization and facilitation of Government business. The President through the Cabinet, Cabinet Secretaries, Permanent Secretaries and other public servants, execute this mandate.  The Head of Public Service heads a secretariat that directly supports the President in the execution of this mandate.

Cabinet Affairs Office executes its mandate through Government Ministries/Departments, inter-Ministerial and other specialized departments and committees including advisory roles such as:

  • The Cabinet
  • Cabinet Committees
  • National Defence Council
  • National Economic and Social Council
  • National Security Advisory Committee
  • Permanent Secretaries Committee
  • Central Human Resource Management Committee
  • Policy and Strategy Division
  • State Corporations Advisory Committee

At the operational level, the following departments provide technical expertise which enables the Office to drive policy and strategic direction for the Government. The following departments undertake these roles at the operational level:

  • Finance and Administration,
  • Office of the Government Spokesperson
  • Kenya International Boundaries Office
  • National Economic and Social Council,
  • State Corporations Advisory Committee,
  • Kenya Southern Sudan Liaison Office