National Economic and Social Council (Nesc)


NESC is mandated to advise Government on strategic policies aimed at promoting economic growth, social equity and employment creation, thereby reducing poverty and inequality. It is also mandated to offer advice, on request, to the Private Sector and Civil Society and to express professional opinion on development issues.

Core Functions

The National Economic and Social Council (NESC) was established through Gazette Notice No. 7699 of September, 2004. It is the Kenya’s top advisory body to the Government on policies required to accelerate social and economic development of the country. The Council’s recommendations to the Government are geared towards reforming existing policies or design new ones. Its members are drawn from the Government, Private Sector, Civil Society and Academia.

Projects to be undertaken in 2018/19 FY

During the 2018/19 FY, the department was allocated Kshs. To undertake the following core activities:

  • Integrated Security Approach;
  • Improving the Socio-Economic Outcome in Northern Kenya through Electronic Tagging of Cattle;
  • Green Street Lighting Project;
  • Policy Analysis/Assessment to identify and address gaps in harmony with the Constitution;
  • Study on Public awareness of National Values and its impact on Economic growth and Social Development;

Kenya Global Competitiveness as per over-arching goal of Vision 2030.