Role Of Cabinet Affairs Office In The Presidency

Cabinet Affairs office is the centre of Government and facilitates the presidency to formulate overall public policy for national transformation.  It further assists the presidency to drive overall public policy, provide policy and strategic direction for the country from the highest level.  Further, the office oversees implementation of public policy at the strategic level and coordinates government towards attainment of national policy goals.

By being the sole centre of Government, it coordinates public policy coordination among the arms of Government and within the Executive.  This role will enhanced by creating and strengthening coordination mechanisms among the three arms of Government for improved policy formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The office links public agencies with Government through well established links.  In MTP III, and taking cognizance of the new governance system in place, existing linkages will be strengthened and new ones created to improve flow of information and service delivery under the principle of Government wide approach, One government, three arms of Government and two levels of governance at the Executive level.

During the MTP III, it plans to review and strengthen current institution frame work of Government for improved service delivery and national competitiveness.  This is critical to ensure delivery of national and jubilee manifesto objectives.  Promotion of Bill of Right with respect to public service delivery, Rule of law and entrenchment of National values and principles as espoused in the constitution.  It will create public offices in consultation with the public service commission of Kenya to enhance service delivery and the overall implementation of the Constitution and foster linkages with the other arms of Government to promote the desired growth with the other arms of Government to promote the desired growth of the economy and the service delivery levels expected by the citizen.

In carrying out the role, it has become an important incubator of new innovations/ideas.  These innovations/ideas are nurtured until maturity and then rolled out in the public service or domiciled in the appropriate parent ministry/department.  New innovations/ideas incubated in this office in the recent past include the vision 2030, Nairobi Metropolitan Development, the 24 hour economy, the National Economic and Social Council and the e-government among others.  On the Policy front, it has identified gaps and started the policy formulation process in collaboration with parent ministries and ensured provision of expert input into the policies through institutions under its purview.

This office has played a critical role in coordinating cross sectoral initiatives in government.  This role will be enhanced in MTP III, more so to ensure the successful entrenchment and implementation of the BIG FOUR initiative. Since its establishment, this office has been a vision carrier of the Government and will continue to play this role effectively in the implementation of the Presidents’ BIG FOUR agenda.

For being elected directly by the people of Kenya, the President is the Chief Executive of the nation.  This empowers him to form the national government and to deliver Jubilee manifesto to Kenyans and improved service delivery.  The Cabinet Affairs Office facilitates the process culminating in issuance of an Executive Order or Presidential circular on the structure of Government.

The office will facilitate exercise of executive authority bestowed by the Constitution under the principle of one state, one nation and one national Government with 47 county governments. This is necessary to foster national unity and security in the nation. It will foster close working relation with counties to improve service delivery and national competitiveness.